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Reaching Beyond Traditional Therapies

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Christopher’s Music Therapist is trained to help him cope with over-stimulation and stay on task. Watch how quickly Christopher calms down and is able to complete difficult tasks such as reading musical notation. After participating in music therapy for a few years, Christopher consistently uses verbal communication and can read rhythms, play piano, and play guitar!

Metro Music Therapy, Inc.

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Children with Autism

Music can be an engaging and attractive intervention for children with autism.

Music therapy enhances:

  • Social interaction
  • Emotional expression
  • Cognitive development
  • Communication development
  • Motor skills development

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Research has shown that 80 - 90% of individuals with autism respond positively to music as a motivator. The application of music can be used to enhance attending behaviors and reduce distractibility, and several studies have documented music therapy as a successful treatment modality to engage the child.


The fact that many individuals with autism can participate successfully in music activities contributes to music therapy’s value in the treatment of autism.

  1. Speech and Language skills can be greatly improved with specialized techniques. In addition, augmentative communication (sign language, PECS, computer assisted technology, etc.) can be incorporated into the music therapy session.
  2. Studies have shown improved social behavior and interpersonal relationships as a result of music therapy treatment.
  3. Enhanced motor coordination can be achieved through specialized Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) techniques.


The implementation of music therapy services can enhance the individual with autism’s educational program and cater to his/her unique learning styles and needs. The music therapist provides services for each child in a collaborative effort with parents, teachers, and other therapists or professionals.

From Jennifer McGraw, mother of an Autistic child receiving music therapy:

“Karen coming? Time for Music...” Music therapy brought a smile to my son and joy in his life as well as focussed outcomes for learning.