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Reaching Beyond Traditional Therapies

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Mark has always had difficulty pronouncing words and communicating with others, but with the help of sign language Mark is able to get his point across. Music and dance are activities in which Mark loves to participate, but his music therapist waits for him to TELL her what he would like to do!

Metro Music Therapy, Inc.

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Down Syndrome

Children and adults are often highly motivated by music and will participate in tasks in which they may otherwise lose interest.

Music therapy enhances:

  • Motor Coordination
  • Speech/Language
  • Cognition
  • Attention/Listening
  • Social Interaction

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Music therapists utilize a variety of techniques to facilitate goals. Neurologic music therapy techniques may be utilized to facilitate oral motor and speech development, fine and gross motor development, and cognitive development.

  1. Enhanced motor coordination can be achieved through specialized Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) techniques.
  2. Speech and Language skills can be greatly improved with specialized techniques. In addition, augmentative communication (sign language, PECS, computer assisted technology, etc.) can be incorporated into the music therapy session.
  3. Cognitive skills can be incorporated with NMT techniques.
  4. Attention and listening skills can be enhanced through therapeutic music experiences.
  5. Social skills can be facilitated in both individual and group music therapy experiences.