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Metro Music Therapy, Inc.

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Description of Clinical Setting


Metro Music Therapy, Inc. is a community-based private practice/agency serving clients in the metro Denver area with music therapy. Metro Music Therapy, formerly Rocky Mountain Therapy Connections, was founded by Lori Sanders, MM, MT-BC, NMT in 1997 and currently employs 4 additional music therapists. Lori is the president, and Clinical Supervisor and she continues to maintain a full caseload.

Denver is situated near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. There are several areas for hiking and mountain biking within a 30-45 minute drive. Major ski areas are located 1 and 1/2 Ė2 hours away. Denver offers all the amenities of a large metropolitan city including a major symphony orchestra, ballet, opera, variety of theaters, chamber groups, museums, zoo, theme park, shopping and dining.

Type and number of populations served

Metro Music Therapy Inc. (MMT, Inc.) serves a variety of clientele from babies to the elderly. The majority of the clients are contracted individually and through various agencies in the community. Populations served include: early intervention, mild to profound MR/DD children and adults, PDD, autism, cerebral palsy, speech/language disorders, behavioral disorders, oncology, hospice, geriatrics (nursing home residents, adult day programs, assisted living residents, dementia and Alzheimerís units), neurological disorders (stroke, Parkinsonís and brain injury), and mental illness.

Treatment services provided

Therapists have opportunities to work in conjunction with a variety of other professionals at the various facilities we provide treatment for. If the music therapist does not work directly with these other therapists, they often have opportunities for consulting, and observation.

Philosophical orientation of the facility

Metro Music Therapy Inc. strives to provide quality music therapy in the metropolitan Denver area. All therapists have been highly trained and successfully collaborate with a variety of other professionals in both group and individual settings. Each therapist additionally holds the credential of Neruologic Music Therapist. In addition, all music therapists are highly trained musicians. We not only provide the highest level of clinical skills, but we bring the highest standard of musicianship to each of our settings. Clients of all abilities are assessed and placed on the caseload of a therapist according to the therapistís experience with that specific population/disorder. Our therapists are given the opportunity to work with a variety of clients at their request and with the approval of the clinical supervisor. Metro Music Therapy Inc. provides and arranges for in services, training and supervision from outside professionals as appropriate in meeting the needs of our clients.

At Metro Music Therapy Inc. we believe that everyone has the potential for growth, including our therapists as well as our clients. We are highly motivated to deliver the best therapeutic interventions possible while maintaining a friendly, professional working relationship with all the clients, staff and professionals we work with on a daily basis. Our highest commitment is to maintain the integrity of the scientific and clinical research upon which music therapy and Neurologic Music Therapy is based.

Available Space and Equipment

Because we are primarily a community-based practice, sessions are conducted in the most appropriate available space at each facility. Examples of rooms used include activity room, library, living room and church fellowship hall. Many facilities have access to a piano and some have rhythm instruments.

Metro Music Therapy Inc. owns a large variety of rhythm instruments (cabasa, maracas, tambourines, lumi sticks, jingle bells, jingle sticks, chiquitas, guiros, rain sticks, cabasas, etc. ), drums (buffalo drums, ocean drums, hand drums, slot drum, childrenís gathering drum, childrenís hand drums, paddle drums, doumbek, and djembe), 2 sets of tone bars and 3 keyboards, Metro Music Therapy Inc. also owns a variety of additional props such as childrenís books, scarves, streamers, toy props, etc. Metro Music Therapy Inc. has a centrally located office where 1:1 and group clients can be seen and our staff meetings are held. All equipment is housed in the office and interns will have access to music books, journals and all instruments.

Types of Sessions

Large group sessions:

Geriatrics, MR/DD, young adults, early intervention. Often theme-based sessions. The groups are active and interactive, and individualized attention is given as well as many opportunities for appropriate social interaction.

Small group 5-8 clients:

Alzheimer's, DD Adults. Emphasis on 1:1 including touch, eye-contact, hand-over hand assistance and reminiscing. Many of these groups focus on sensory stimulation including music and touch.

One-on-one sessions: (children/adolescents)

Privately contracted individual children are seen for behavioral, physical, cognitive, developmental, and speech/language delays/disorders. Sessions are typically fast-paced offering a variety of interventions in a predictable order.

One on one: (adults/seniors in hospital setting)

Many acute and chronic patients are seen for music therapy interventions bedside. Typical interventions include therapeutic instrumental music playing, therapeutic singing, active listening, music-facilitated relaxation, reminiscing/life review.

Entering student skill expectations:

Musical Skills: Proficient/functional use of the guitar: The intern will demonstrate the ability to accompany simple songs using I, IV, V, V7 in at least 2 keys with 75% accuracy. Proficient/functional use of voice including singing in appropriate ranges. The intern will demonstrate the ability to sing on pitch with appropriate rhythm and volume with 75% accuracy. Ability to use the piano/keyboard in a functional manner. The intern will demonstrate the ability to sight read a simple melody with written (chord) accompaniment displaying 75% accuracy in melody/harmony and rhythm. The intern will demonstrate the ability to transpose a simple song into 2 different keys on 2 different instruments with 75% accuracy. One instrument must be the guitar. The intern will demonstrate knowledge of songs for various age groups (birth-preschool, school age, adolescents, young adults, adults, seniors). The intern should have the ability to create simple original songs. The intern must have the ability to memorize songs. In addition, the intern must be comfortable enough with their accompaniment instrument to focus all attention on the client.

Professional qualities: The intern will be able to introduce him/herself to the client, family, or staff. The intern will be able to clearly articulate what music therapy is. The intern will be able to follow directions, accept suggestions, seek assistance/guidance and maintain a pleasant and professional attitude toward clients, staff and other professionals. The intern will dress according to the guidelines set forth at the institutions MMT, Inc. contracts with. Professional attire is required within the hospital setting. The intern will demonstrate the ability to accept constructive feedback from CTD, MMT, Inc. staff and other professionals. The intern will also have the ability to identify their own strengths and areas for improvement.

Therapeutic skills: The intern will have the ability to document clearly with various styles. The intern will have the ability to work independently. The intern will have the ability to plan and initiate age appropriate music therapy experiences. The intern will have the ability to remain flexible during a session and have the ability to make adaptations as necessary. The intern must have good time management skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. The intern must be extremely reliable. The intern should be familiar with a variety of diagnoses/populations The intern must have reliable transportation to maintain their own caseload.

Intern Interview:

It is preferred that the prospective intern interview in person. If it is not possible for a prospective intern to interview in person, they will participate in a phone interview following the submission of their application. Proficient musical skills are a necessity for any prospective intern and Metro Music Therapy Inc. will require an audition to demonstrate functional/proficient use of guitar, piano, and voice. Audio and visual tapes will be accepted for phone interviews. In addition, the prospective intern may be asked to perform as part of a phone interview. Along with the audition, the internís letters of recommendation should comment on musical skills and proficiency. The interview will consider questions regarding musical, professional and therapeutic skill; however, the intern will be required to submit a sample of their documentation style including assessment goals, objectives, plan and recommendations.

Intern Verification

MMT, Inc. strives to provide the highest level of music therapy interventions to a variety of populations. The internship will require 1040 hours, but not necessarily 8 hours per day. Generally, actual client contact hours are approximately 25 hours/week with the remainder of the time used for commuting, documentation, planning and office hours.

Intern's Music Therapy Experience Will Include:

90 hours of Orientation: 8 hours Hospital Orientation 2 hours Hospital Volunteer Orientation 4 hours CTD for review of expectations, AMTA guidelines, Code of Ethics etc. 54 hours CTD and MT-BCíS site visits

Month 1: 80 hours Orientation, 70 hours Participation, 10 hours Co-leading

Month 2: 80 hours Co-leading

Month 3: 80 hours Co-leading

Month 4: 80 hours Leading

Month 5: 80 hours Leading

Month 6: 80 hours Leading

Number of interns per training period: One intern will be accepted each 6 months.

Starting dates: January and June

Intern Provisions

Living arrangements: None Meals: 1 meal/day when contracting in the hospitals Stipend: None Liability coverage: Covered by Metro Music Therapy Inc. (if not provided by the school. Transportation: A car is required. Metro Music Therapy Inc. will reimburse for accountable mileage.

Termination Policy

While interning with Metro Music Therapy Inc., the intern is expected to follow the general guidelines as all employees. If the intern violates any of the following he/she would be under consideration for termination: Policies as set forth in the facilities in which MMT contracts with, Any civil or criminal acts, Working under the influence of drugs or alcohol, AMTA Code of Professional Practice, AMTA Standards of Clinical Practice, AMTA code of ethics, Solicitation of Metro Music Therapy Inc. clients, Acceptance of monetary gifts from Metro Music Therapy Inc. clients, Failure to deliver music therapy interventions to assigned clients.

The intern could be found in jeopardy of failing the internship for any of the following: Repeated tardiness to clients, meetings or in services, Noncompliance with administrative requirements (documentation, session planning etc.), Noncompliance with assigned projects, Misrepresentation of self on intern application or during the interview, Inability or unwillingness to work on areas of improvement as discussed with the CTD or MT-BC.

The CTD will keep the intern informed about any areas of concern prior to the 3 and 6 month evaluation. If it appears that the intern is in jeopardy of failing, the CTD will inform the studentís academic advisor immediately. If the intern is unable to demonstrate improvement in the necessary areas, he/she will be considered at risk for failure and termination. Under extreme situations, such as poor health or family crisis, the intern may be considered for a temporary leave of absence with the approval of the academic advisor and the Clinical Training Directors Board.

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