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Reaching Beyond Traditional Therapies

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The structure of the music therapy session helps Kevin work on social skills such as asking for things in a polite manner. Kevin also has the opportunity to sing to his heart’s content and express himself on a variety of instruments with the help of his therapist. Just listen to the two of them drum!

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Cerebral Palsy

Music is a very motivating medium.

The unique components of Neurologic Music Therapy address a variety of needs specific to CP such as fine/gross motor development and maintenance, speech/language development, and cognitive development.

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Music therapists work for “success” oriented sessions. Oftentimes, children will more actively participate in motor, cognitive and speech treatments when paired with music.

Music therapy enhances:

  • Motor Coordination
  • Speech/Language
  • Cognition
  • Relaxation
  • Range of Motion


The fact that many individuals with cerebral palsy can participate successfully in music experiences contributes to music therapy’s value in the treatment of motor, speech/language and cognitive domains.

  1. Enhanced motor coordination can be achieved through specialized Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) techniques.
  2. Speech and Language skills can be greatly improved with specialized techniques. In addition, augmentative communication (sign language, PECS, computer assisted technology, etc.) can be incorporated into the music therapy session.
  3. Cognitive skills can be incorporated with NMT techniques.
  4. Relaxation of tense muscles can be facilitated with music therapy and relaxation techniques.
  5. Range of motion exercises can be paired with music in order to improve endurance and decrease muscle resistance.